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And finally the most anticipated video is online!

Check out how was the vocal recording session for the song Metal for Demons, with Detonator.

English subtitles available!

Saulo 2

Now it’s official! The first special guest for my debut album was recorded!

He is “the best singer in the world” according to Detonator himself, or at least the best singer in Brazil for two years in a row, as Bruno Sutter, according to the country’s biggest rock and metal website.

The song is called Metal For Demons and had its vocals recorded at Silver Tape studio, under the supervision of producer Ivan Beretta.

Stay tuned and soon we will release a video documentary about this peculiar recording session.

Xakol - Rise of a New Sun

Is it light that I see?

Today, I proudly and gladly reveal the artwork for my first single Rise of a New Sun. This art was made by designer João Duarte, who is also responsible for the graphical concept of this website and my debut album.

The single, which is being recorded under the supervision of producer Ivan Beretta at Estúdio Beretta, is reaching its final stages of production, missing only the contribution of very special guests, who will be announced soon.

Let the new sun rise and shine!


My first album has not yet been released, but the drum recordings for my second work, and masterpiece of a lifetime, entitled Chaos Lit a Soul have already begun. The drums are being recorded by drummer Marcelo Moreira (Circle II Circle, Marmor, ex-Almah), at Machina Factory in Los Angeles, CA, owned by drummer Rafael Pensado (Mindflow). The album is produced by Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) and will be released by MS Metal Records.

My body may be in Brazil right now, but my heart, mind and SOUL are in LA!


I would like to thank this incredible team for the last concert, and also thank all my friends that were there to give me an awesome birthday present with their presence! It was an honor to share the stage with these talented musicians and great friends of mine, who make me believe more and more in my work and who filled me with confidence that this is just the first of many gigs that will come when the albums are released. From left to right, top: Rafael Azevedo (guitarist), Ivan Beretta (keyboardist and producer), Daniel Schlemper (keyboardist); bottom: me, Gil Lima (drummer) and Thiago Moser (bassist). Photo by Thiago Rocha.

This is not the end, it’s just the beginning!