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Next concert: Red River Metal Punk
Venue: Sítio Brustoloni, Rio Vermelho
City: Florianópolis – SC, Brazil
Date: April 15, 2017
Time: 6 PM

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After a week of confinement at Estúdio Beretta, in Florianópolis, we would like to announce that we have finished recording our two first singles: Rise of a New Sun and Metal for Demons. Both songs are now respectively being mixed and mastered.

Rise of a New Sun is expected to be released digitally through MS Metal Records and CD Baby between the end of April and the beginning of May, whereas we are still waiting for Metal for Demon‘s artwork to estimate its release date.

Besides these two songs, our debut album will have 6 more tracks, whose recordings are almost finished.


We would like to thank the city of Caçador and all those involved in providing us the environment for such a special performance. But mostly, we would like to thank everybody who went there to watch us. It was an incredible energy! We could never imagine we would have gotten so much love from the audience as it happened. We will be back soon!



Next Sunday I will be performing at Parque Central in Caçador, Santa Catarina, during the celebration of the city’s 83rd anniversary. After 15 years I will finally get the opportunity to play again in my home town. I have no words to describe the joy of getting the chance to perform my songs in front of my family and childhood friends.

Our concert is set to start at 2:50 PM at the Rock Stage. It will be a very special gig with a lot of surprises, and I really hope to see a lot of people who were important to the very beginning of my journey, as a musician and as a human being.


MS Metal Records confirmed that XAKOL’s single “Metal for Demons” will be released physically in CD format. This song had their vocals recorded by Detonator, a character by humorist and musician Bruno Sutter, who is also Massacration‘s singer

The recordings are taking place at Estúdio Beretta in Florianópolis, Brazil, and will be finished this month. Soon the digital and physical release dates will be announce and the artwork will be revealed.

XAKOL is recording two albums, both of which will be released by MS Metal Records and will feature famous Brazilian metal musicians as special guests, such as Bruno Sutter (Detonator, Massacration), Marcelo Moreira (Circle II Circle, ex-Almah), Rafael Pensado (Mindflow), besides production by Edu Falaschi (Almah, ex-Angra) in one of the albums.