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Rocking XXXI Birthday

January 30th I’ll be celebrating my birthday in my favorite fashion: with a concert! This will be a new edition of last year’s event, which had six bands playing and where I performed for the first time songs that will be included in my album named Chaos Lit a Soul. This time the setlist will include songs from both albuns I am recording.

Here are the details of the event:

Date: Jan 30th 2016
Time: 11 PM
Venue: Célula Showcase, Rodovia João Paulo, 75 – Saco Grande, Florianópolis – SC
Price: free!

Gates3Bassist and singer Saulo Castilho, who works under the moniker XAKOL in his solo album, is confirmed in “The Gates of Brazilian Metal Scene: Present Vol. III” compilation, which celebrates the arrival of MS Metal Agency in Europe.

The chosen song will be part of his debut album, to be released by MS Metal Records in 2016.

The compilation will be divided in three volumes, which will revisit the history of the company’s three labels, with current and past artists, besides those who are yet to be released.

This will be a promo work to feed the European market, therefore physical copies will be distributed to the specialized media, promoters and Brazilian Heavy Metal fans in the old continent.


12049475_10205058614567076_8090310685115460258b_nHello everyone and thanks for visiting my website!

Here I am, myself, posting in first person to welcome you all here and to write a few words about this section. Some news are simply copied and/or translated from other sources and will refer to me and my musical projects in third person. However, sometimes I, myself, in first person, will post here news, updates or any other irrelevant bullshit that I might want to share, like ideas, thoughts, sayings, poems, etc. For that reason, I decided to call this section “News & Blogs”, where “Blogs” may refer to anything I write myself.

I would also like to invite you to come back here often and join me in this journey, which started many years ago and now reaches a turning point where my work is finally coming to life. There is a lot happening right now in my projects and soon I will share a lot of exciting news! But for now, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming here and supporting me!

It’s just the beginning…




XakolMS Metal Records announced they will release the first solo album of bassist and vocalist Saulo Castilho, who works under the pseudonym XAKOL, in the first half of 2016.

This work will be preceded by the single “Rise of a New Sun”, and is being recorded at Beretta Studio in Florianópolis.

His first CD will be distributed through Voice Music to the largest stores in the country.


XaxakolBassist and vocalist Saulo Castilho, who works under the pseudonym XAKOL on his solo album, confirmed the title of his first single to be taken from his incoming debut CD.

The song, which is called “Rise of a New Sun”, is being recorded at Beretta Studio in Florianópolis, under the supervision of producer Ivan Beretta.

“Rise of a New Sun” will be distributed worldwide through CD Baby, in its digital form, starting next November.