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Imminent Threat

Those who know me well or have read my artist release know that long before I started learning music, I was already into writing poems and lyrics. Music came to me as an extra dimension for expressing my art and my ideas. Among so many things I’ve done in my life, writing lyrics is still one of the activities I like most and where I am most proud of the results I’ve achieved. Joining a band whose leader and founding member is a legendary singer used to singing his own words, who has partaken in so many bands and projects and has almost always written his own lyrics by himself, I wasn’t expecting to find much space for my writing in this next level. However, working together, recognition came and I was invited to write these lyrics for guitar icon Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra). I am extremely happy and proud to share this result. And of course, watch the performance of these two amazing musicians: