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Xakol - Murdering My Heart 3000x3000


In this Friday 13th, I’m glad to reveal the artwork for my new single “Murdering My Heart”, scheduled to be released Dec 31st 2019, on all streaming and download platforms, exactly 20 years after I wrote this song, my first composition, when I was a teenager just starting to learn music.

To the final version I’ve added a little extreme metal touch to make it much heavier and more dynamic than my original idea, when I didn’t even know what metal was. It will be my heaviest release to date, but also an unusual song, full of twists.

This art is another great work by Joao Duarte Design, who was already responsible for the cover arts of my previous singles Rise of a New Sun and Runaway.


Redemption Tour 2019


Rock in Rio 2019, #EuVou! I’ll be there!


I’m very happy to announce that I am the new bassist of Brazilian metal giants Noturnall! I have joined singer Thiago Bianchi (former Shaman, and Noturnall’s founder), american star guitarist Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) and drummer Henrique Pucci (ex-Project 46) in the band’s new lineup. Our debut tour was already huge, supporting Disturbed in Russia for over 20 thousand people.

Alongside that I will continue working on my own solo material. In fact, I will be spending much more time in Estúdio Fusão, owned by Thiago Bianchi, to work both on Noturnall’s new songs and on my own solo album.

I’m very excited in taking this huge step in my career, and thankful to all those who have been a part of this journey.


Saulo “Xakol”.