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My second Rock in Rio with Noturnall and the band’s 3rd was special and even more unforgettable than the first one. We had an amazing time with a crowded audience in front of the Rock District Stage, singing and screaming with our every song. I’d like to thank all of my band mates, Thiago Bianchi, Mike Orlando and Henrique Pucci, our very special guest Phil Demmel, our Noturnall Crew, Matheus Holz for these pictures, the Rock in Rio staff and all of you that were there to watch us, or were with us in their thoughts. Also, I had a great time meeting some of my long time idols and making new friends. I hope the next one will be even better and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!

I’m proud to announce Noturnall’s new song, “Reset the Game”, that will be the opening track for the upcoming album, “Cosmic Redemption”. For this song, I have recorded the bass track and have co-written the lyrics.


Music by Mike Orlando
Vocal lines and arrangements by Thiago Bianchi
Produced by Thiago Bianchi & Mike Orlando
Co-Produced by Henrique Pucci & Saulo Xakol
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Thiago Bianchi
Assisted by Henrique Pucci At Fusão VM&T Studios, São Paulo, Brazil.
Edited by Henrique Pucci & Gabriel Triani
Guitars recorded at Sonic Stomp Studio, NY, USA.
Lyrics by Thiago Bianchi & Saulo Xakol
Orchestration and keyboards by Pablo Greg

Video Directed by Kauê O. Commi & Thiago Bianchi
Edition and Post Production by Kauê O. Commi
Images by Daniel Mazza & Rodrigo Rossi

Cover Artwork by Carlos Fides

Noturnall Management by Maurício Tarrago

Noturnall is:
Thiago Bianchi – Vocals
Mike Orlando – Guitars
Saulo Xakol – Bass
Henrique Pucci – Drums


Now I’ve found out why
And how this world has come to this
I did not comply
To whatever I’m forced to play
Insane made up laws
In which I had no part or say
No timeout or pause
This is time for the change!

Will I grow old by
Pursuing gold coins
That I don’t get why
Are worth more than someone’s life
Before time’s over
I’ll search for closure
I feel the system is broken
They try to hide…
Broken, they try to hide

Are we just mice
Running on a wheel?
Are we being handled
By something or someone?
To leave this place better than we’ve found
We all have to make a change
So reset the game!
I’m changing this game for best

What’s the price of life?
And who’s behind the rules of this?
Gambling with our souls
Have no doubt the house always wins
Why everything goes
To those so called “one percent”?
And where’s our right to live
With dignity and freedom?

So, is this my fate?
Run after papers
That someone made up
And that’s what I don’t get why
Before time’s begun
Our roles were clear
I know the system is fixed up
For us to work…
Work like a slave and die

Are we just mice
Running on a wheel?
Are we being handled
By something or someone?
To leave this place better than we’ve found
We all have to make a change
So reset the game!
I’m changing this game for best

Reset the game!
Reset the game!

I’m excited to announce that Noturnall has been confirmed in another edition of one of the world’s biggest Rock festivals: Rock in Rio. This will be my second performance and the third for Noturnall in this legendary event. This time we will take the Rock District stage, on September 2nd, the so called “Metal Day”, when bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Megadeth are on the lineup.

See you guys there!

Those who know me well or have read my artist release know that long before I started learning music, I was already into writing poems and lyrics. Music came to me as an extra dimension for expressing my art and my ideas. Among so many things I’ve done in my life, writing lyrics is still one of the activities I like most and where I am most proud of the results I’ve achieved. Joining a band whose leader and founding member is a legendary singer used to singing his own words, who has partaken in so many bands and projects and has almost always written his own lyrics by himself, I wasn’t expecting to find much space for my writing in this next level. However, working together, recognition came and I was invited to write these lyrics for guitar icon Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra). I am extremely happy and proud to share this result. And of course, watch the performance of these two amazing musicians: