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The Story of XAKOL. Enable closed captions for English subtitles.


Saulo Castilho is a Brazilian musician born in the city of Caçador and currently living in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. At age 7 he could already write poetry and at age 14 he found in music a new dimension for his art when he started playing the bass and writing his own songs. Even before that, at age 13, while searching for an original online nickname, he came up with XAKOL, a short and unique word, not attached to any language and with no special meaning, to express his identity as a pseudonym and, later, as the name of his solo project.

In 2000 he founded his first band, which recorded a home-made demo containing 4 songs, all written by him. The band was dissolved 2 years later, when he moved away from his hometown to study. In 2005 he joined the band Alpha Six as bassist, also becoming the band’s lyricist. Alpha Six enjoyed local success playing in many cities of the state of Santa Catarina. In their concerts, he often performed some songs and solos with an unusual instrument – a fretless one-string electric bass guitar made of a broom, which he named “Bassoura”, a portmanteau of the words “bass” and “vassoura” (Portuguese for broom). In 2008 he left the band, which disbanded shortly after, to conclude his master’s degree in mathematics.

Since his favorite compositions had personal lyrics and due to frustrations experienced in many of the bands he tried to take part in, he decided to direct his musical efforts to a solo project and also that he should sing his own songs to put across his emotions in the most heartfelt way possible. However, his musical life went through a long period of stagnation, limited to just a few guest appearances.

In 2013 he finally resumed his solo project and contacted Edu Falaschi to produce one of his albums, which will be called “Chaos Lit A Soul”. But before that, he will also record another album, expected to be released by the end of 2015, with some of his older songs that did not make it to the former.

His music is the translation of his soul to the physical plane, the affirmation of his identity and the mirror of his personality, aiming solely at his personal artistic expression and not worrying about commercial success or critical acclaim. Though rooted in progressive and power metal, his songs have heterogeneous nature, ranging from simple and catchy melodies to atonalism generated by mathematical algorithms, covering inumerous subgenres of metal and rock.

Currently, besides working on his solo project as XAKOL, he is also the singer for the band Thousand Suns and once again bassist for Alpha Six, which is planning a comeback.